Re: so long and thanks for short changing me...

It looks like someone didn't read the guide to nonsensical trolling... Next time, make sure to misspell words, add excessive punctuation, type half of it in all caps, accuse Steve Jobs of sinful acts with livestock, and sprinkle liberally with predictions of doom and gloom for Apple. Your worst mistake was mixing a few legitimate concerns (non-standard ports, etc.) in with pure nonsense (replacing your phone with a PC, using a PC as an iPod or DV camera (?), ranting about AAUI connectors). Here's something to help you the next time you decide to whine about your decision to switch to Linux.

Sample nonsensical troll:

DooD --- APPel is pur carp!!!!!!!!!!!! ive bin usng MAC's fer 20 yrs, nad i ca'nt take it nemore.. LiNuS ROXX!!!! Steeve's Oh-SeX si nly god at blwoing GAOTS">@!! ...U SUK if u thin k dat CRAPPLE maks compoters ---- dey make GARABAGE!@@!@!!!$#@! APplle is gonona bee so rry becase im leafin -'';';-=--_-_- ALPLE WIL GO OTU OF BUISISNES WITOHTU MEEEEE!!!!!!?!?!!

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