Note: This was written in the summer of 1995, during a storm of course.

It came with plenty of warning. Like the roar of a hundred jets, its distant noise seemed hardly real, a constant rumbling like none I've ever heard. A few drops of rain, and a pause. Then it hit with all its force- so full of sound and fury, yet it too signified nothing. It's time on the stage was less than an hour, but it didn't need much. The lightning got brighter, the thunder louder, until it surrounded me. Strike after strike, the light and sound came from all sides. A few close hits, and it was past. Then came the rain. Like so many times before, the rain came from nowhere and pounded at the ground with incredible force. The flashes in the distance continued to move away, but the rain stayed. The sky, rather light at the start, grew darker as it all progressed. The darkness was replacing the rain, slowly, but effectively. The flashes in the distance showed up more brilliantly with the dark backdrop in place. No one force dominant, lightning, darkness, and rain coexist in an uneasy balance. All three weaken, the end is near. They will return once again to do battle, many times over, a peace made through destruction. In the end, all returns to normal, only to wait for the next display of power and weakness.

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