Note: This was written a week or two before my high school graduation.

When any period of time comes to an end, it is only natural to look back at all that has happened and wonder what would have happened if just one little thing was different. "What if..." or "If only..." seem to come up quite a lot. Out of so many possibilities, only one could have been chosen. Still, so many things could have gone differently. A simple thought, one little word, a new idea. So small when they start, but how great an effect they can have. They could trigger a tiny spark, capable of igniting an enourmous inferno, which could have the power to warm your heart, or burn down your house. So hard to see then, the possibilities are so clear now.

I seem to be finding new regrets every day. Things so small, to things so great. If only I had thought to... If only I had known... If only I could have imagined... All of these would have been so easy to realize, but are now so far away. Now I do know. What will I do with my knowledge? Will I sit here and wonder "What if..." forever? Or will I try to create what could have happened? Again, so many possibilities. Will I end up regretting my decision? I can't say now. I'll only know when it's too late.

All those possibilities. We always see the great things that could have happened. We never look at all of the things that could change for the worse. The past affects the future. So many things could change. But would I want them to? Oh well. Can't live in the past. Only the future remains. And it gets ever shorter.

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