This letter appeared in the Philler column entitled "Pickles and Pizza - No, no, no. He's just... pining..." (Text in italics is mine.)

First, on the subject of the S96 sticker, mine is perfectly aligned (maybe a nanometer or so off), and it was applied by the same guy as everyone else's. Maybe he denotes the people he doesn't like with a crooked sticker. Next, does it matter if you make any changes to any information on the green and white form you fill out for registration? I corrected my middle name (Michael, not Michel) twice so far, yet the high-and-mighty-people-in-charge-of-figuring-out-who-you-are still can't get it right. I feel that my rights are being violated, and would like to see justice.

-Matthew Michael Lug

Dear Matthew Michelle Lug,

We at Philler think it's horrible that your official records read Michel rather than Mitchel. Hopefully you'll get this fixed before you end up graduating and it's not even you that graduated, because it's some Matthewe Michalo Lug guy. Our S96 stickers were perfectly aligned, so I know we have a friend in Boynton. We will talk to the people over there for you personally and make sure that they change your name to the correct spelling of "Micheas" so you can rest easier at night. It's the least we can do.

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