How can you say that it's all a lie?
How can you say that nothing's for real?
How can you say that there's nothing to believe in?
How can you say that you got the raw end of the deal?

I have seen all this world, and all it has to offer,
And I have seen that the truth is not what it claims to be.
I have seen all of this through impartial eyes,
And how can I possibly doubt what I see?

But what is it that makes life worth living?
And what has there ever been that could not ever die?
Where is the truth, and how can you find it?
There has got to be more, more than just one big lie.

In the end there is nothing, as there was to begin with,
And that's what I have now, not a thing more than nothing,
Is it beginning or ending? I can't see the difference.
I cannot imagine what else this world could possibly bring.

Deafened and blinded by this silence and darkness,
I can no longer find anything, not even emptiness.

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