RE: "Ginger" revealed on Monday a.m.

Well, if you can't wait until Monday, I suppose I could tell you now... IT is a compact, fuel cell-powered "marital aid," which is designed to make public transportation more, um, pleasant, while at the same time making it impossible for the user to operate a vehicle. The code name "Ginger" is a reference to the feeling Kamen got while watching Gilligan's Island. Ginger will be so addictive that people will give up driving and rely entirely on public transportation (in some rare cases it was found to cause people to use public transportation constantly and do nothing else all day, but that's just a minor bug). This will be a major revolution in transportation, as it will significantly reduce traffic and raise revenue for public works projects. Public transportation operators have already taken an extensive training course on using the term "disembark" instead of "get off." The FBI expressed an interest in wiretapping the device, but there has been no official word on that matter...

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