Dreams play an important role in our lives. They give us hope, they give our lives purpose. They express our goals and desires in a way far more powerful than words. They become a part of us, always taking hold of the future and helping to mold it from chaos into whatever we want to make it. They give us a kind of power that only acts upon ourselves, yet it is a power that can have the greatest impact on our lives. Dreams are guardians of the future, and as such they must never be brought fully into reality, even though their very nature causes us to want just that. When a dream comes true it ceases to be a dream. It merges with reality and loses its power over the future and over ourselves. Dreams themselves are perfect; reality brings with it all its imperfections. Dreams turn into memories, future becomes past. Hope fades, the reality takes its place, and must be accepted. The dream dies. All that remains is the past and the present, once the future is removed. The shattered dream takes hold of past and present, becoming a part of each. Pain works its way into the confusion, trying to take advantage of the destruction of perfection. As long as the dream remains somewhere between past and present the pain will have something to hold on to. Only when the dream is contained fully within either past or present can it be free of pain. Then the dream becomes either a memory or a reality. Perhaps it would be better as a dream, it's difficult to decide if the memory or reality is worth it, but it is a decision that would not be able to change anything.

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