Writing Center update

by Matthew M. Lug - Writing Consultant

The WPI Writing Center no longer exists. No, WPI didn't decide that it was impossible to teach the students here how to write. The Writing Center recently changed its name to the Writing Workshop. It is no longer staffed with peer tutors, but is now staffed with Writing Consultants. So what else did you miss if you were on co-op, off-campus, or out of your mind lately? Here's a short list of the changes to the Writing Center/Writing Workshop in the past half year.




Why all the changes? Are we trying to confuse everyone at WPI? Of course not, well, maybe a little. Seriously though, all of these changes allow us to better serve the WPI community. Our current location is more spacious than our previous facilities, and it even has windows (no, not just the operating system). What changes are we working on for the future of the Writing Workshop and the Center for Communication Across the Curriculum?

Despite all of these changes, the Writing Workshop still offers help with any written assignment. If you want help with a paper, project, resume, essay, letter, or anything else involving writing, sign up for an appointment on the web at http://www.wpi.edu/+writing, call us at 831-6070, or just stop by. Help with oral presentations is also available, contact us for more information.
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